DEER AGING DVD - Two educational courses $19.95


    AGE DEER through Tooth Wear/Replacement

    Topics include:

    Why age deer

    What causes tooth wear

    Tooth & Jawbone structure

    Specific wear patterns for 1.5 - 8.5 yr. old deer


    AGE DEER "On the HOOF"

    Step by step course includes:

    Physical characteristics of yearling, immature, mature and post mature buck deer

    Selective harvest as a management tool

    How genetics, nutrition and age affect appearance

    Aging doe deer

    The story behind the product.....

    In Texas a 4th year ag student in public school has to have a semester of game management. Several instructors needed supplemental resources and asked me to put a PowerPoint together as a teaching aid. The information was transferred to DVD format so hunters can view it at deer camp.

    THIS IS AN EDUCATIONAL DVD; It is not meant to be entertaining. It's purpose is to train you to determine the age of deer through the tooth wear/replacement technique and age deer "on the hoof".